What Offset Printing is Good For

When we discuss printing, we usually think about digital printing straight away and that’s all fine, unless you’re a designer who prepares orders for his/her clients. You could also be working a job where gathering printed media is up to you and therefore, it’s only natural that you know why offset printing is a better option for you in general.

Think about a newspaper company that’s printing all their newspaper through digital printers. Those poor machines, running day and night. That pile of faulty prints that they’re paying for. To top it all off, it’s going to be incredibly expensive to print thousands of newspapers every day if they’re sticking to digital printing. There are indeed times when you should use digital printing, which you can learn about at LemonGraphic.sg. However, mass printing clearly isn’t digital printing’s strong suit. Here’s what the offset method does better.

Offers More Sizing Options

You know how much it costs to print anything larger than A5 paper through digital printing? A whole lot. Digital print shops usually print larger prints on photographic paper, which looks fine at first but if exposed to the air, it can fade.

It’s So Much Cheaper

Think economy of scale here. Since you’re printing in bulk, you’re going to pay less per print anyway. Bearing in mind the method of printing and the ease of it, offset printing costs pretty low anyways so you’re paying a lot lesser than what you’d pay for digital printing altogether and for much better quality too.

Better And Consistent Quality

Offset printing allows for more colour matching options than digital printing and since the printing is done by the same press each time, you get consistent and much sharper prints.

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