What is Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

The causes for lower back pain are a lot and it is different for everyone. It is possible that you are suffering from lower back pain because of the same cause as the next person but your severity of pain might be more. Since the weight of the whole body affects the lower back, when there is a problem there, the pain can become quite unbearable and should be treated immediately.

Often lower back pains cannot be treated by medical doctors effectively which is why many people opt for chiropractic treatment which can cure the problem. We would still suggest that you work with both medical doctor and chiropractor so that you can get the most efficient treatment plan.

Lower back pain can disrupt the life of a person as it affects the whole body and causes problems in daily functioning. You can never know whether you should go to a chiropractor or a medical doctor if you do not know the reason behind your pain. The most common causes for lower back pain are:

Sedentary Life

We might not realize it but many of us live a sedentary life as we do not move around much. If you spend 10 hours a day sitting down then it can be said that you are living a sedentary life. Sitting so much can put pressure on your lower back and even cause permanent problem which is why you should get the pain sorted out via chiropractic treatment and include exercises and moving around in your life.

Bad Posture

Chairs are often the culprit behind lower back pain as sitting in them for long causes our posture to worsen. Due to the slouching of our body, there is an increased pressure on the spine and lumbar area. You need to buy a chair with lumbar support, keep an eye on your posture and go to a chiropractor.

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