The Perfect Shin Protection

If you’re new to the sport of MMA, then there are many things that you can get wrong. Obviously, they’ll tell you to wear protection for obvious reasons but what you might not be told is that you need to buy very specific kind of shin guards for you to stay safe while fighting and practicing. There shin guards for almost every other sport you can think of; cricket, soccer and rugby to name a new. These are designed to keep the players of their respective sports safe from injury.

Just like how these shin guards are made to be effective when playing their intended sports, the shin guards that re used for MMA are specially designed to absorb the shock of combat sports. During an MMA fight, you’ll be using your shins to both deal blows and receive them. Since your shins done have too much natural protection of their own, it can really hurt to get hit. You can read reviews about shin protectors at MMA Warfare blog to learn more. Here’s what you should bear in mind when buying your guards.


Since you take heavier blows and with more frequency in combat oriented sports, you’ll want your shin guards to be made out of lasting materials. Genuine leather is always the best option since it’s the most resistant to tearing and it absorbs the shock as well.


Now you don’t want your protective wear to slow you down during a critical fight, right? Make sure to try on the guards before you buy them. If you feel like they might restrict you movement then there’s no reason why you should buy them. Make sure you get something with a firm grip, light weight and with great shock absorption.

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