Stay Protected Online!

There are many threats that can attack the website online. One of these is threats to the domain of the website. The website domain can be protected using Whois Privacy. Whois Privacy saves the domain name by registering it in the directory. The data is originally accessible by everyone, which is why Whois Privacy transfers the data to the respective authorities. This is necessary to protect the data of the company specially if there is vulnerable information. By getting Whois Privacy, the sensitive information of the company stays protected.

Use Browser Cache

The browser cache is used so that the content of the website is cached in the browser. Whenever the website will be accessed again, the content will load in a lesser time. However, the cache should also be emptied from time to time as it will keep on loading the older content and the website might have updated the content. This can be done by directing the domain of the website to an external URL which in turn will redirect the browser and empty the cache. The website,, has described the ways to clear cache from different websites such as google, Firefox, etc.

Email Spoofing

The email address is also very sensitive information as it can be used to extract credit card information and social security numbers. One of the measures that can be taken to protect the email from getting spammed by viruses is by entering an SPF record of the email address in the name servers. If there is an SPF record of the email address, the recipient is able to detect if the sender is authorized or not. Another way to check authentication is by analyzing the header of the email address as most of the times, there are many loopholes.

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