Permanent Walls – They Just Want to Paint

This letter will propose to the cities of Los Angeles an inspirational adjustment to the approach to graffiti abatement. One that creates a web of well educated artists and designers ready to give back to society and remain loyal to Los Angeles. Why should we adjust anything to begin with and what’s at stake if we don’t?

The city has spent in excess of 7 million dollars re-painting over how to paint graffiti and has for in excess of ten years. In other words, the city has spent 7 million dollars annually creating new canvas for the thousands of young underserved artists to express themselves and practice their craft and sport. The dollar spend is $868/hour for a year changing nothing. So we, as Los Angeles residents, do something over and over expecting a different outcome. That is by definition – it goes without saying.

Graffiti is an act of vandalism. It is punishable by fines, jail or death. The streets are ripe with these stories. The median age range of artists doing graffiti is 17-20. Looking at this demographic in broad terms, they are in continuation high schools, with single parent households, with the need of at least one government subsidy. In broad terms, each has been caught for something criminal by this time.