Looking For a DDoS Expert For Your Business?

Nowadays it is relatively easier for a hacker to launch DDoS attack on a website that has dedicated server and outdated backer systems. Even if your company doesn’t specialize in providing IT related services, as long as you have a website it is your responsibility to hire a web hosting expert to make sure there are no security breaches in your online platform. Companies that provide domain and web hosting units to their clients are the main targets of such criminals because they have access to confidential information of thousands of users. If there is a minor defect in the service availability of a host provider this can incur huge losses to the company because every minute of downtime matters.

Whether you are in the launching period of your company or you want to make some changes, investing on a new hosting plan can work wonders for your business in the long term. This would allow you to no more depend upon the current condition of one physical server because now you would have your data backed up on dozens of virtual and real servers that are not interdependent. As a growing business you should definitely take this pathway because cloud hosting is able to withstand high traffic without shutting down the entire website. The webpage of Java Pipe provides high quality web cloud hosting services to their clients who have websites based on PHP or Java.

By the integration of cloud hosting server into your company’s website you would be able to reduce the chances of human intervention in the security system. Even an old enterprise with experienced individuals cannot work as efficiently in case of a downtime. Attackers are constantly coming up with new strategies therefore you should make sure that your security system is up-to-date at all times.

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