Leaking Pipes And How to Spot Them

A water source is very important and without it, your home will most definitely be incomplete. However, it’s worth mentioning that a water source can also be a source of great trouble if it starts to leak. Leaking pipes are definitely annoying to deal with but that’s not all the harm that they’re doing either. A leaking pipe can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage in just a matter of days.

Some leaking pipes can also be damaging to your health and because of this, you shouldn’t ignore any chance of there being water lean anywhere near your home. If you find any of the following signs of a leak in your home, you can head over to aus-test.com.au and get an appointment for an inspection visit. Here are some of the signs of a water leak that you ought to be wary of.

Bad Smell

If you’ve been noticing a bad smell near your house, there’s a big chance that some drainage pipe under your home is leaking. In this case, the leaking pipe isn’t just leaving water everywhere, it’s also leaking methane gas which can be poisonous. You and your entire family are at many health risks if your waste pipes are leaking.

Paint Breaking Off of Walls

If your wall’s paint is starting to swell and chip off, you probably have a leaking pipe in the wall that’s already dampened your wall to a point where the fungus is growing under the paint. Some repair work might be needed on this wall.

A Rise in Water Bill

If you aren’t using a lot more water all of a sudden but your bill says otherwise, then you definitely have a source pipe leaking under your home.

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