How Do Air Poppers Work?

We all know how popcorn is made, in fact, this snack’s very name pretty much explains the entire popcorn making process; you heat up corn kernels until they pop. A lengthier explanation of how popcorn is made will also tell you that you must add a bit of oil to the kernels before heating them up, and after they have been “cooked” you add a bit of salt and butter to create one of the best savoury snacks known to mankind. Making popcorn is incredibly simple, however, in order to enjoy a truly delectable popcorn making experience, you also need to have the right equipment on hand.

By “the right equipment”, we mean a decent popcorn maker, popcorn makers are designed to ensure that one’s kernels are heated as evenly as possible and get cooked just the right amount in order to produce a superb batch of popcorn. These machines come in a diverse range of designs and styles, some let you produce popcorn on your stove top, some are designed to work inside of your microwave oven, and some models made for commercial purposes come with a complete popcorn making setup.

A more recent kind of popcorn maker that has hit the market is an air popper, a popcorn making machine that makes use of hot air to prepare popcorn. These types of popcorn makers are a lot more efficient at popping kernels and also require way less oil to make popcorns, they are steadily gaining popularity amongst popcorn lovers thanks to their incredibly consistent performance. has reviewed air poppers with great detail and can tell you everything that there is to know about them, be sure to browse through their guides and reviews in order to find the best air popper for yourself.

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