Custom Frame Those Prints Yourself!

Let me let you in on a secret: nearly every frame in my house is secondhand. It’s not hard to find solid timber frames with intact glass panes. And even if the glass is broken or missing — there’s a fix for that.

If you’ve got a mantel that needs a few framed prints, or if you’re wanting to create a gallery wall or a salon-style living area, learning how to frame art yourself could save you some serious cash.

I found three of these matching brass frames and knew they’d be perfect for hanging up a few small prints. This long-stitch embroidery kit image is cute, in a kitschy Australiana kind of way, so I might end up holding onto it after all! But the brass frame is the real star for me.

If you need a frame to fit a specific paper size (eg. A3 or 11” x 17”), or if you need several frames that match, it’s worth buying new. But if you’d like to learn about fixing up an old frame with new backing and matting, then come with me.