Stay Protected Online!

There are many threats that can attack the website online. One of these is threats to the domain of the website. The website domain can be protected using Whois Privacy. Whois Privacy saves the domain name by registering it in the directory. The data is originally accessible by everyone, which is why Whois Privacy transfers the data to the respective authorities. This is necessary to protect the data of the company specially if there is vulnerable information. By getting Whois Privacy, the sensitive information of the company stays protected.

Use Browser Cache

The browser cache is used so that the content of the website is cached in the browser. Whenever the website will be accessed again, the content will load in a lesser time. However, the cache should also be emptied from time to time as it will keep on loading the older content and the website might have updated the content. This can be done by directing the domain of the website to an external URL which in turn will redirect the browser and empty the cache. The website,, has described the ways to clear cache from different websites such as google, Firefox, etc.

Email Spoofing

The email address is also very sensitive information as it can be used to extract credit card information and social security numbers. One of the measures that can be taken to protect the email from getting spammed by viruses is by entering an SPF record of the email address in the name servers. If there is an SPF record of the email address, the recipient is able to detect if the sender is authorized or not. Another way to check authentication is by analyzing the header of the email address as most of the times, there are many loopholes.

All You Need to Know About Wireless Routers

Internet routers are commonly used everywhere all around the world, they can be wired internet routers or wireless routers. Usually, wireless routers are preferred these days for broadband internet deals from your internet service provider. Wired routers were preferred by people who required an Ethernet cable for internet provision. However, the best wireless routers come with the provision of Ethernet cable port.

The basic function of a wireless router is to provide internet connection to any devices within its range, it takes data from the internet cable and sends it to your gadgets and devices. The data is sent in the form of radio signals that are picked up by devices that have wifi in them.

When you get a wireless router, usually it has a password at the bottom provided by your internet service provider. All you have to do is input that password in your devices and your wifi will be connected automatically. The password can be any letters or numbers, you can easily change the password to your wireless router anytime you want.

In addition to providing internet services, wireless routers can even provide other services such as digital TV. You can also make calls through the internet anytime and save a lot of money that you usually spend on calls. Any wireless router usually works well for people, however, if you require the best of the best then you should get a broadband package that offers fiber optic provision. This gives higher internet speeds and works more efficiently.

The best wireless routers include:

  • BT smart hub
  • Virgin media super hub 3
  • Sky Q hub, and
  • Talk talk super router

To learn more about wireless router you can visit

Advantages of Ethical Hacking That You Should Be Aware of

When you first hear the word computer hacking or any kind of hacking, your very first association with that word is an image of a bunch of technology experts who are using their skills trying their best to get access to sensitive data and information, it could also mean that the customer’s identities can be stolen during that time or even seize some data available on your computer like the ransomware which will ask you to pay a certain amount of money in order to get access back to your data. However, in order to counter all these attacks, the IT experts have come up with a solution called penetration testing or ethical hacking in which they simulate their version of an authorized hacking attack.

The difference between ethical hacking and hacking is that the former one is done ethically and with a greater purpose in mind, the latter one is done to either extort money from people or just to create panic. With that being said, if you want to gather more information on ethical hacking just go on this website Following are some of the advantages of ethical hacking that you should be aware of, check them out below.

To Test The Security System

In order to test your system and see if there could possibly be a breach of the security system, IT experts tend to authorize an ethical hacker attack which is done in a very controlled setting so as to not create havoc. The main purpose of doing such a thing is to be able to make sure that the security system is actually strong enough to withstand an outside hacker attack. In order to do these simulations most of the companies tend to higher ethical hackers.


Through The Dark

Long distance connections over the internet can be risky to many individuals and organizations. If we equate the internet to a digital jungle, then hackers would be the predators waiting for people to send unprotected and sensitive information so that they can jump on it and extract their details. These could be used against us in many ways and the internet only provides a best-effort service which means it will do all it can to ensure that your information arrives at a destination successfully, but it doesn’t tell you if it actually arrived or if it was lost for various possible reasons.

An attacker can take advantage of these open connections and attempt to extract packets you send elsewhere. They analyse the information in them and use it for their own games. Industries and organizations that need to share trade secrets among different locations will find it incredibly risky to do so. What these groups end up doing is using a virtual private network which ensures that no one on the outside will be able to view what’s being sent over the connection. They usually require some software to access which are licensed for use by the providers.

And there are a lot of VPN providers out there. The internet may well be a digital jungle, but it has a lot of escorts who will help your information traverse through the thickets and reach their destination unscathed. Hiding them from view of those potential predators, picking a VPN provider that meets your needs can be imperative to your security. Like mentioned, there are quite a view of these providers so to narrow things down when trying to pick one for yourself, you can visit website which has a detailed review for several VPNs so that you can weigh options quicker.

How to Engage Your Event Attendees Digitally

Event management has been made easy with the invention of event apps and they are the real innovation in the industry. If you are in the industry then you must have heard about different event apps and if you are not using one then it is time that you look into it.

There are many conference apps in the market but choose one that can help you in the long term and is user-friendly. If you think that you would rather manage your event in an old fashioned manner because event apps do not seem all that revolutionary then let us tell you how it will help you keep the event’s attendees interested.


When attendees have to come to the event, wait in lines and register then and there, level of their interest in the event falls down a bit. The prospect of waiting in a line is not attractive and we can understand why but you can avoid all that if you make your registration digital via an event app. All the invites can be sent via the app and the participants would be able to register online too. It will actually encourage more people to take part in your event. Many apps keep the record of transactions that are done online so that is a bonus feature.

Event Social Media

Almost everyone markets their events on social media but if you want the participants to be affected by a wow factor then you need to get an event app which will gather all the social media information in one place and direct the attendees in a proper manner. It will allow link them to YouTube videos and also informative videos regarding the event without any trouble. Some event apps also allow the sharing of image of the event.