Art World’s Love For Picasso’s Musing

There is no denying that Pablo Picasso happens to be one of the greatest painters of his time, and not just his time, even now, he happens to be really famous, especially among the art aficionados.

If you are an art lover, and you have seen the work that Picasso has done throughout his life time, then you must know about that the paintings Picasso made were all about his muses in one way or another. Especially the painting he made of a woman who historians depict as Marie Therese Walter is one of the favourites in the art world. The woman in the painting is often referred to as his “golden muse” and for all the right reasons.

However, that was not the only painting Picasso made of his muse, as a matter of fact, the paintings of his muses have been a fan favourite in the art market. That is why we decided to shed some light on just how much the paintings are being sold in the art market. It might not interest everyone, but if you love art as much we do, then you are definitely going to enjoy this article.

The “Femme au béret et à la robe quadrille” from 1937 was sold for a staggering $69 million in back in Februar. But that was not the end, two more paintings including Marie Therese Walter from 1932 were sold for $58 million, and $37 million in May respectively. If you look closely, there is a clear pattern because earlier this week, another portrait of Marie Therese Walter was sold for $36 million.

Upon analyzing Picasso’s highest priced paintings at auctions, it was evident that Marie Therese Walter happens to be the highest earning muse in the art market. The portraits Picasso made for her average way higher than other work of Picasso. Honestly, at this point, it is hard to tell why Picasso loved making portraits of Walter so much, but the one thing that is absolutely evident that every single painting that included her was a top seller.

That being said, the art market certainly loves Pablo Picasso and his muses. Now if you are wondering about Picasso’s fixation with Walter, or his other muses, then you need to understand that aside from being a great painter, he was also a mighty lover. That explains why the women he was in love with ended up becoming his muses in the painting. If you look back in the history, and read more about Picasso and Walter’s love for each other, you will realise just how heavily both individuals were invested in each other, and while they say that Picasso just wanted a muse, it can be contradicted by looking at the number of paintings he made around Walter.

Whatever the case was, the art market is certainly in love with these paintings, and is willing to send an insane amount of money on Picasso’s paintings, especially the ones with Walter in them.

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